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Loving Earth Agave Syrup Dark 1000m

Certified Organic Raw Agave Syrup, light and dark, harvested in the Ixmiquilpan region of Mexico.

Low GI, greatly beneficial to the local community and processed below 40ºC using a vacuum evaporator and certified organic vegan enzyme.

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  • Low GI

  • Contains minerals and phytonutrients

  • A healthier sweetner alternative

Agave Syrup has a low Glycemic Index (GI) score at <30, meaning that it'll give you a long slow release of energy rather than the quick peak and subsequent crash which sugars of a high GI score give you.

The unfiltered Dark Agave has more minerals than the light filtered version, in addition to a richer, wilder flavour.

There has been some recent controversy regarding the consumption of Agave Syrup at its affect on one's health. Our Agave Syrup is a minimally processed natural certified organic sweetener. It is a concentrated food (essentially a concentrated cactus juice) like any concentrated fruit juice or honey for that matter and should therefore be consumed in moderation. Its sugars are in the same form as honey and fruits and are processed by the body in a similar way.

It is low GI and diabetic friendly but it should be avoided by people with a fructose intolerance.

Manufactured in Australia
Recommended adult dosage

As a direct sugar replacement, use 25% less Agave Syrup than the quantity you would normally add.
It's a delicious sweetener which can be used in a variety of deserts, or even for creating essences. It's particularly delicious when infused with other flavours.

Did you know
The three central principles of Loving Earth are Healthy - Sustainable – Fair.


Raw Organic Agave Syrup
*Product of Mexico

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