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How To stay On Top of Your Goals All Year-Round


As we all know, the busier we get, the harder it is to keep on top of our nutrition and workout regimes. While time  sometimes feels scarce, it shouldn’t stop you from achieving your goals. See our top tips below to keep you  motivated and living healthy all year-round.

Buddy Up

Recruiting a workout buddy is an easy, fun way to keep you accountable to your workout goals. Partnering up or attending group classes means you’ll be less likely to sleep-in and can encourage each other to get it done when you least feel like it. Hiring a personal trainer is another great option to motivate you while enhancing your skills, knowledge and technique at the same time.

Dress the Part

Investing in quality workout gear is a great incentive to help encourage you to workout, look the part and increase your confidence. For optimal performance, opt for light-weight options that are breathable, move with your body and can be layered in the colder months.

Exercise for the Season

Switching up your exercise routine to match the season is a simple way to make the most of the outdoors and motivate you to move. Opting for water-based workouts in summer such as swimming and water-polo can be a great way to cool down and get your body moving without battling the stifling summer heat. And, if the cold outdoor air stops you performing your best in winter, try something warmer! Opting for a more temperate environment such as Hot (Bikram) Yoga will keep the chill off while you work out. Exercises such as HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), spin class or dancing are other great ways to get your heart-rate up,  blood circulating quickly and your body warm fast. 

Plan Ahead

For most of us, getting out of bed or scheduling in time after work is often the hardest part of working out. Taking the time to prep all your workout gear in advance is a quick and effortless way to ensure you get it done. And, if you dread early starts, try wearing your workout gear to sleep so you can have an extra five minutes and get going without a fuss.

Prep your Meals

If nutrition is your weakness when it comes to achieving your goals, try preparing your meals ahead of time. Planning and pre-packing your meals keeps you accountable, reducing the temptation to eat out. We recommend working your meals around high-protein food sources and supplements such as whey or vegan protein to increase satiety, preserve muscle mass and increase strength. Visit us in-store today to discuss your nutrition goals with our fitness experts and discover which products are right for you.

Think Long Term

Before you try the latest restrictive diet fad or brutal exercise schedule, ask yourself this: “Can I see myself doing this two months from now?” If the answer is no, chances are your goals aren’t realistic enough to stick to. Our advice? Find a fitness and nutrition plan that best fits your lifestyle. Incorporating social events, nights out and that slice of cake (or two) every so often gives you the best chance at adhering to your plan,  living a balanced lifestyle and enjoying food without restriction.

Listen To Your Body

Taking ownership of your decisions and listening to your body’s bio-feedback is a great indicator of how your routine is impacting your health. Bio-Feedback indicators include:  Mood, stress levels, tiredness, hunger, sex drive, weight fluctuations , muscular pain and hormonal functioning.

Regular monitoring and awareness of changes in your bio-feedback is a great way to understand how you respond to a change in routine and the limit to which you can push yourself. Come in-store today and chat with one of our fitness experts to learn more!

Reward Yourself

Implementing a reward system is a great way to stay accountable to exercise. Whether it be a piece of chocolate, a glass of wine or binging your favourite Netflix show, rewarding yourself every now and again is a great way to acknowledge your achievements, maintain balance and keep a positive perspective on your goals.

Do What Makes You Happy!

Realistically, the only way you are going to adhere to your healthy living practices long-term is if you do what makes you happy! Don’t like spending hours on the treadmill? Don’t do it! Want that bowl of ice-cream? Eat it!  While healthy living can consist of short-term goals that require hard work and discipline, you mustn’t forget the power and liberation a balanced, non-restrictive lifestyle will give you. Just remember, if it doesn’t empower you to work harder, be better and self-motivate, it isn’t  right for you.

Slow implementation of the above techniques and habits over time will keep you excited about your health, motivate you to keep fit and encourage you to choose healthy living every day,  rain hail or shine. Still unsure about your health and fitness goals? Come in-store today and chat with one of our fitness experts to receive expert advice and recommendations that are tailored to you.

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