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Best Turmeric Supplements Australia

The Best Turmeric Supplements

Turmeric has been used in cooking and for its medicinal benefits for thousands of years - many may recognise it as the spice that adds the vibrant yellow colour to curries. In recent years, turmeric has grown further in popularity as a nutrition-bomb, full of antioxidants and body nourishing properties. In this blog, we’ll explore what makes turmeric such a powerhouse and how you can reap the benefits.

Turmeric - the nutritional powerhouse

Turmeric originates from the root of a plant that grows in India and South East Asia, it’s very similar to ginger in this way - however, in taste and colour it could not be more different. Flavour-wise, turmeric is quite earthy and somewhat bitter - a flavour that adds itself to some deep and rich soups and curries.

These days, not only are you likely to find turmeric in delicious Indian dishes, but with its growing popularity as a wonder-spice, you’ll find the stunning yellow added to your smoothies, baked goods and even lattes. It’s also becoming more widely available as a supplement due to its numerous health benefits.

The bulk of turmeric’s nutritional benefits derive from the active component curcumin which is an antioxidant and studies have shown it can act as a successful anti-inflammatory. With inflammation contributing to many chronic illnesses - it's easy to see why this is so beneficial. Due to its ability to boost proteins in the brain found to keep neurons healthy - turmeric also has the potential to assist with the treatment of alzheimers and depression.

Turmeric itself doesn’t easily absorb into the bloodstream which makes it difficult to take advantage of the nutritional benefits by consuming it in food alone. This is where supplements come in.

Which turmeric supplement is right for you?

WIth so many turmeric supplements on the market, it can be challenging to differentiate between them and to come to an educated decision on which you are likely to gain the most benefits from. Studies have shown that it’s safe to take a supplement containing up to 2000mg of curcumin whilst giving you the most bang for your buck.

Surprisingly, black pepper can also help with absorption. A fact not too widely known is that black pepper contains a compound known as piperine. Piperine helps to increase the fluidity of your intestines, which in turn allows the nutrients in the foods you eat to be absorbed more effectively. This isn’t limited to turmeric but due to the stubborn nature of curcumin, taking these two spices in conjunction with one another can make for an ideal pair.

Tablets & capsules

Arguably the most common way of taking supplements is in the form of tablets or capsules. Typically tablets make it easier to manage dosage and monitor the ingredients. Great Earth hosts a range of turmeric supplements such as the Fusion Health Turmeric tablets which are easily dosed and are infused with black pepper for improved absorption. These are easily one of the best turmeric supplements with black pepper in Australia.


Turmeric supplements in particular can benefit from being taken in liquid form as it makes them easier to absorb. Liquid supplements also often have the added benefit of a yummy taste. 

Powder & Tea

If you’re someone who is more likely to incorporate a supplement into your daily diet through a delicious smoothie or a calming tea - there are a range of options available at Great Earth. Similar to a liquid supplement, these options will help with the absorption of the curcumin. Ceres Organics Ground Turmeric is made from 100% turmeric grown in Fiji with no chemical pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilisers. Alternatively the Pukka Turmeric Active Tea combines the warmth of ginger, turmeric and galangal for an enjoyable, body boosting experience.

Overall, turmeric adds a wealth of nutrients to your diet and as it’s available in so many forms, it’s easy to find an option that you will enjoy slipping into your daily routine. Check out the range from Great Earth and start enjoying the benefits today.

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