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Best Protein Bars

The Best Protein Bars in Australia

Protein bars are a great solution for those times when you need a substantial nutritional boost between meals, but you don’t have time to make something. Furthermore, if you’ve just finished up a workout - you want to ensure you’re giving your body everything it needs for optimal recovery.

In this world of gym chains and endless supplement options, it can be hard to know which protein bars are going to help you achieve the results you want and what all of those ingredients actually do. In this blog we’ll break it down for you and help you get to the bottom of the best protein bars in Australia.

Deciphering the nutritional information

Have you ever found yourself standing in the protein bar aisle, getting lost in a sea of ingredients, kilojoules and numbers that you just end up leaving hungry and confused? Don’t worry, it’s happened to the best of us.

If you find yourself looking at a protein bar that’s made up of natural ingredients like plant proteins, nuts and seeds - you’re likely onto a good thing. Further to this, when working your way through the mountains of nutritional information to find the healthiest protein bars, it’s key to keep an eye out for 3 main things:

Protein - protein may seem like an obvious ingredient to look for in a protein bar, but you want to be sure that it contains enough protein to make it worth it. If it doesn’t, the calories are likely coming from somewhere else - such as added sugars. A good rule of thumb for a 50g bar is for it to contain at least 10g of protein.

Fibre - fibre is the ingredient that’s going to keep you feeling fuller for longer. A protein bar that contains more than 3g of fibre is going to satiate your hunger through to your next meal, whilst adding to your digestive health.

Low added sugar content - this is where a lot of people get caught out, thinking they’re making a healthy food choice when really they’re eating a protein bar with more sugar than that chocolate bar they were eyeing off. Ideally, 0g of added sugar is what you should be looking for.

Which protein bars are best?

Now that you know what to look for, you can be confident that next time you’re in the protein bar aisle, you’ll be able to make a good choice for your health. If you’re after a bit of inspiration, here are some of our favourites to get you going.

Bodyscience Clean Plant Protein Bar Range - BSC offers a range of all-natural protein bars that are healthy and importantly - delicious! Ingredients include plant protein, fruits, seeds and nuts so you know you’re putting good stuff into your body. Nutritionally they meet all of the points listed above and come in a range of flavours (try the banana bread flavour - you won’t be disappointed).

Smart Protein Bars - Containing raw organic ingredients, choc-full of nutrients, this range has some of the best tasting protein bars. Including whey protein and almonds this range comes with 20g+ of protein and 20g+ of dietary fibre so you’ll certainly stay full through to your next meal. Plus, your muscles will thank you for the extra protein. 

Macro Mike Protein Bars - The Macro Mike Almond Scrumptionator Protein Bar is, as the name suggests, scrumptious. Also as the name suggests, this range is made from almond protein and includes around 11g of protein per bar. Though the fibre content is slightly lower than the desired 3g it does include plenty of good fats and tastes amazing.

Now you’re ready to boost your healthy lifestyle with some protein rich snack bars. If you have any questions, the nutritionists at Great Earth are available to talk you through anything you’re unsure about. Visit any of our 5 locations and kick-start your health journey or shop our range of protein bars online today.

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